Bamboo Products

  • How do I care for my Royal Treatment towels?

    The best part of the bamboo fiber is that it doesn't need any special treatment compared to typical cotton towels.We recommend to machine wash warm and tumble dry low.
  • How do I use a bamboo towel?!

    The Royal Treatment towels are simply an option, just like air drying or using bamboo toilet paper after your bidet rinse. Since after your wash you'll have a clear sparkling rear end, simply use a silky towel to gently pat dry those squeaky clean cheeks!
  • Is the Bamboo Booty paper made of rayon?

    No way! We only use 100% pure bamboo fiber in our toilet paper. Check out Bamboo Booty's specifications here: | | | | --- | --- | | Material | Bamboo Pulp | | Color | Nature Brown | | Sheet Size | 10.2cm11cm | | *Product Weight** | 5.7oz per roll | | Layer | 3 Ply | | Sheet Count | 300 Sheets...
  • Why are bamboo products better? 

    We are obsessed with finding solutions that are better for the planet- which is how we came across bamboo! Although tree-like in appearance, bamboo is actually a part of the grass family and considered one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo is far more sustainable than trees, as b...
  • Why would I use towels instead of toilet paper to pat dry?

    You certainly can use toilet paper- by opting for a bidet wash, you are already contributing to less waste and tree use, a win for the planet! The Royal Treatment bamboo towels are for those who want to go all the way eco-friendly with their bathroom business. These plush, silky smooth towels are...