• How do I clean the Chambermaid?

    The Chambermaid is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down with a soapy cloth occasionally, and disinfect with a non abrasive cleaner.
  • How do I store the Chambermaid? 

    Hey, at ClearRear™, we are all about shouting about our bathroom health from the rooftops! But for those who want to keep the biz neat and discreet, we hear you. Chambermaid folds easily and can be stored away to the side of the toilet or under the sink, so no one will even know you go ;)
  • How do I use the Chambermaid?

    Don’t be scared, the Chambermaid is so easy to use- just put your feet on top, and go! Really. Your new seated posture does all the work for you, putting less strain on your colon and allowing for a more comfortable bowel movement.
  • What is the Chambermaid height? 

    The Chambermaid is 7 inches high, which gives you the optimal angle in your seated position to relax the colon and allow for an easier go.