The Buttler

  • How does the Buttler work?

    ClearRear™’s quick and easy installation process only requires using your toilet’s existing water supply. All you have to do is connect one simple hose included with your bidet to upgrade your toilet. It does not require any electrical wiring or battery maintenance. Our bidet’s efficient design u...
  • The Buttler Instruction Manual

    Thank you so much for purchasing The Buttler from ClearRear™, and welcome to the Clean Bum Club! For your reference, feel free to download our quick set up instruction manual here.
  • What does the Buttler's cold water feel like?

    ClearRear™’s classic bidet, the Buttler, attaches to the cold water supply that your toilet uses so your bidet’s water runs at the same temperature as tap water, which can range from cool to room temperature. Most of our customers reported getting used to the water temperature right after their f...