The Grand Duke

  • Is the warm water temperature feature safe? 

    Yes! The Grand Duke heats to a safely warm and comfortable temperature, and you have the ability to customize your comfort level, according to your preference.
  • Oops, I bought the Grand Duke and I realized I do not have a sink nearby to hook it up. What now?! 

    No worries! The Grand Duke will still work on the cool water function, and you can just follow the simple instructions for installing without the hot water hose. If you’d rather have the Buttler, simply contact our helpful live customer support team at (1-888-261-4360) or and th...
  • What do I need to hook up the Grand Duke? 

    The only difference in installation is that the Grand Duke comes with an additional hose that connects with your sink’s water to access a warm water supply. Keep in mind that you do need to have a toilet that is near a sink to be able to run the hookup.
  • What’s the difference between the Grand Duke and the Buttler? 

    We are so glad you asked! The Buttler uses a single hose to attach to your existing water supply, and utilizes cool water during your wash. The Grand Duke is our customizable warm water temperature bidet, which uses a connection both to your toilet and sink's water supplies. Take note that you mu...