Your Highness Bumper Kit

  • What is Your Highness?

    Your Highness is the perfect accessory for your bidet to ease any gaps between the toilet seat and the toilet. If you find that your ClearRear bidet angles, or changes the position of your toilet seat after installation, Your Highness will stabilize and level out any seat to ensure a comfortable ...
  • How do I know if I need Your Highness?

    Though our bidets are made to fit nearly all toilets, occasionally there are certain toilet designs that slightly change angles or the toilet seat does not feel as even or level once the bidet is installed. If you are experiencing this issue with your ClearRear bidet, it may be the right fit to u...
  • How do I install the bumper pads?

    Don’t worry, installing Your Highness Kit is a cinch! Clean the underside of your toilet seat thoroughly using a dry cloth and soapy water. Make sure to remove any residue or dirt to ensure that the adhesive will have a nice, clean surface to stick on. Wait for the surface to completely dry befo...
  • Are the materials strong enough to stick?

    Yes! Our bumper kits come with super-strong 3M adhesive that are sure to hold on to your toilet seat underside.
  • How many come in a pack?

    Each Your Highness Kit comes complete with 4 pieces of Heavy Duty 3M adhesive and 4 Toilet Seat Spacers.
  • How many bumpers should I purchase?

    One Your Highness kit comes with spacers good for 1 toilet seat. If you are using multiple ClearRear bidets, or have other toilets in your home with wobbly or uneven seats, we highly recommend purchasing kits for those as well.
  • Will these bumpers fit my particular toilet?

    Your Highness comes in a universal design made to fit as many toilet seats on the market as possible- we haven’t come across one yet that won’t work with Your Highness!